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Total Parenting Transformation

Build connection, manage unwanted behaviour and actually enjoy family-time with a proven, step-by-step guide to decoding your child's behaviour and meeting their deepest needs.

Total Parenting Transformation provides a practical curriculum to guide you through your parenting challenges with personalised support from Heidi to help you every step of the way.

Gain immediate access to the 9-week self-paced course, exclusive Facebook Group, and bi-weekly live Q&A calls with Heidi as soon as you enrol.

Topics covered

* A new way of parenting.
* The Brain: How it Works and Impacts Behavior.
* Understanding our emotions and learning how to regulate.
* Anger and how to manage it effectively.
* Connection: How to build it and why it matters.
* Discipline: how to discipline in a way that doesn't damage self-esteem.
* Establishing family values, family meetings, and how to get your kids to do chores.
* Sibling rivalry: how to navigate sibling fights and ensure your children have a lifelong friendship.
* How to build self-esteem, confidence and reslience.
* Managing anxiety: where does it come from, what can we do about it and how do we help our kids manage it?


* Bi-weekly, LIVE Q&A calls where you can ask your personal questions and touch base with Heidi to troubleshoot your parenting challenges.
* Exclusive Facebook community.
* Access to our full archive of recorded, transcribed Q&A calls.
* Practical worksheets to help you personalise and integrate your learnings.

Pay in full to receive...

* Bonus module: Body Safety and Protective Behaviours  ($197 value).
* 4 weeks private message thread with Heidi. Have your questions answered directly in a 1-on-1 chat and get your Total Parenting Transformation experience off to a flying start!  ($697 value).

Runtime: 24hrs | Self-paced

Transform Your Family In 4 Hours

This powerful program combines my most popular, foundational learnings I teach all parents inside and outside the clinic during our first four sessions together - before we move into deeper work.

The concepts covered in TF4 are referenced extensively in all of my teachings and can transform your family in under FOUR hours.

This course contains my most effective, long-term wins you can immediately apply for lifelong, positive change.

It covers the first two weeks of my signature Total Parenting Transformation program.

Topics covered

* Welcome to your new parenting mindset.
* How we change behavior.
* How kids communicate.
* How kids learn.
* The buckets (AKA: your child's two greatest fears).
* How you were parented.
* Shame and vulnerability.
* How the brain works and impacts our behaviour.
* Understanding the polyvagal ladder (and why it matters).
* Temperament traits.
* Connection 101 - M.O.V.E.S.


* Word-for-word script to build connection so your child feels heard, seen and validated.
* Parenting audit - where do you rate the various aspects of your parenting today, and what do you need to change to reach your ideal state?
* My most popular journal prompts (that my clients swear by!).
* Scripts to guide you in how to speak to your child.
* 16x exclusive worksheets to help you personalise and integrate your learnings.

Runtime: 3hr 50mins

Courses At A Glance


$2455 USD

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24hrs self-paced video lessons  (lifetime)
Bi-weekly, live Q&A calls to troubleshoot your challenges (9 weeks)
Exclusive Facebook community  (lifetime)
Access to all recorded, transcribed Q&A calls  (lifetime)
Worksheets to help you personalise and integrate your learnings  (lifetime)

PLUS, pay in full to receive: 

1) Body Safety & Protective Behaviours Module  (lifetime)

2) An ENTIRE YEAR of bi-weekly, live Q&A calls to tweak your approach (365 days)


$697  $197 USD

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Heidi's most effective, long-term wins that you can immediately apply for lifelong, positive change in your family
3hr 50min self-paced video lessons  (lifetime)
16x exclusive worksheets to help you personalise and integrate your learnings  (lifetime)

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm time-poor. Is that going to disadvantage me?
No! You have lifetime access to the course videos & worksheets, so there's no rush. You can study at your own pace!
It seems expensive. Wouldn't 1-on-1 work be cheaper?
For the cost of less than two cups of coffee per day, you'll have me (literally) in your back pocket to help guide you through any parenting questions as they arise during the year. By way of comparison, seeing me once a week for a single hour in the clinic comes in at almost $10,000 annually (if I was still taking on clients). And you have to wait to ask any questions that pop up between therapy sessions. That doesn't happen when you have a Facebook group and bi-weekly calls. It's a no-brainer.
How do I know it will work for my family?
I've helped thousands of children, adolescents, parents and families navigate complex challenges during my 17-year career. My process is sound and flexible, so you can tweak it to meet your family's unique needs, as long as you're willing to put in the work. Like anything in life, knowledge isn't enough. It needs to be applied.
This sounds complicated. Is it difficult to do?
There's nothing more essential to the happiness of your family, your life and the relationship with your children than the ability to meet their psychological and emotional needs.

And if it was easy, everyone would have picture-perfect families and therapists would be out of a job. It's going to take some work on your part. But you'll be following Heidi's foolproof plan and have her with you every step of the way.

Anyone willing to do the work can build connection and parenting satisfaction using Total Parenting Transformation!
What is your refund policy?
Our training program is backed by 17 years of clinical work with parents and children, and families. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the program, complete the first two weeks of worksheets, and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14 days of joining and we'll refund you in full.

Will this work with my specific challenge? It's kind of unique.
Awesome question! It doesn't matter if you're facing debilitating anxiety or horrendous tantrums ... Total Parenting Transformation is designed to meet your child's core emotional and psychological needs. This builds connection and trust, and minimises (or outright removes) unwanted / challenging behaviours.

It works with any challenge because it teaches the foundational concepts and strategies that address 99.9% of issues faced by parents (and humans in general!).