5 Habits Of Resilient Families
By learning and applying these 5 habits consistently you'll see a dramatic transformation in your child's anxiety AND their general behavior.

The best way to begin?  Choose a single habit and go 'all in' with it before you start implementing others.
Are You Ready To Tame Anxiety & Raise Confident Children?
A few years ago I sat down and reviewed all the notes, research and insights I'd accumulated across 18 years of working with children and families on anxiety and self-esteem. 

What I found was the same themes and challenges kept appearing again and again. And there were common solutions to them all!

I knew if I could get these proven anxiety-management strategies into the hands of more parents - the ones I knew from real-world clinical experience actually worked - we would dramatically improve the emotional and mental health of our next generation.

The result is Taming Anxiety And Raising Confident Kidsan online program laser-focused on giving you the tools you need to understand and effectively manage your child's anxiety. 

No more second-guessing yourself... with Taming Anxiety And Raising Confident Kids you'll have all the tools, concepts and practical strategies you need to transform your child's anxiety and build their resilience.