Your fast-track blueprint to managing meltdowns, improving
behavior and yelling less
"It's like having a parenting expert on speed dial"
Transform Your Family in 4 Hours (TF4) combines the most popular, foundational principles I teach all parents inside the clinic during our first four sessions together - before moving in to deeper work.

The concepts covered in TF4 are referenced extensively in all of my therapeutic work, webinars and online programs, and can transform your family in under FOUR hours.

This course contains my most powerful and effective tools you can immediately apply for lifelong, positive change as you sharpen your parenting skills. Better yet? It's applicable for ALL ages, and with lifetime access, you can revisit it ANY time!

TF4 covers the first two weeks of my signature Total Parenting Transformation program. Many parents are so amazed with the rapid improvements during TF4 that they sign-up for the full course to help their children manage ALL of their challenging behaviors, and learn strategies to navigate ages 2 to 30!

This will be the most valuable 4 hours you'll invest in your family this year!
What's inside?
Week 1 - A New Way Of Parenting
Kick-start Transform Your Family in 4 Hours with the foundational concepts we'll be applying throughout the course.

This week, we prepare for a mindset shift by unpacking specific modules on:

* The Old Way of Parenting v The New Way of Parenting
* How We Change Behavior
* How Kids Learn
* The Buckets (AKA: Your Child's Two Greatest Fears)
* How You Were Parented
* Shame and Vulnerability
Week 2 - How We're Wired
This game-changing week unpacks how the brain works - and why - to provide an insight into your child's behavior that will explain A LOT. 

* Temperament Traits - How far do genetics explain our mental health and psychological traits? And what does this mean for us parents when we communicate with our children?
* Polyvagal Theory - How your child's automatic nervous system response impacts their ability to learn, and how you can create a safe environment for learning.
* M.O.V.E.S. - The only acronym you'll need in the world of connection! The M.O.V.E.S technique is a simple, step-by-step script, and it's my go-to when trying to communicate with others - whether that's your children, partner, family, friends, or an even irate client!
What Our Students Are Saying ... 
Emily & Luke - Parents of Three Primary Schoolers
Kimberley - Single Mom of 5yo Twins
Sarah - Mom of Two Teenagers
Matt & Aileen - Parents of 13yo
What You Get
  • Transform Your Family in 4 Hours Course - 4hrs self-paced video modules & 16 worksheets to personalize and integrate your learnings (lifetime access). Value: $596
  • Word-for-word script to build connection so your child feels heard, seen and validated (lifetime access). Value: $27
  • Parenting audit - where do you rate the various aspects of your parenting today, and what do you need to change to reach your ideal state? (lifetime access). Value: $27
  • My most popular journal prompts (that my clients swear by!). Value: $47
  • Total value: $697 USD
One-time payment of
$697 USD $197 USD
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Immediate Access To Transform Your Family In 4 Hours
4hrs Videos and 16 Worksheets To Integrate and Personalize Your Learnings
Game-Changing Scripts, Parenting Audit and Journal Prompts
Rapid family transformation that lasts a lifetime!
Our training program is backed by 17 years of clinical work with parents and children, and hundreds of happy families. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the program, complete the first two weeks of worksheets, and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14 days of joining and we'll refund you in full.
I'm really strapped for time - can I still take the course and get results?
Yes! You have lifetime access to the course videos & worksheets, so there's no rush. You can study at your own pace!

"Just think about the amount of time you spend watching Netflix! I'm a single mom, I've got twins, I'm homeshooling AND I'm working full-time. If I can find the time, so can you."

- Total Parenting Transformation Student Kimberley

Is this the same as therapy?

Transform Your Family In 4 Hours is provided for informational purposes and is designed to help families build stronger connection and increase their parenting confidence, strategies and tactics. It is not therapy and shouldn't be used as a replacement for therapy.

For more information, see the Transform Your Family In 4 Hours terms.

It seems expensive. Wouldn't 1-on-1 work be cheaper?
We believe this is extraordinary value for parents who are looking to learn the fundamentals at high speed, and get fast results. But don't take our word for it. Here's what one of our Total Parenting Transformation students has to say about the first two weeks of TF4:

"Just doing the first weeks [of TF4] has been enough value for us. If I think about the money we spend, and I think about the price of a holiday - would I choose this over a holiday? I'd choose it over holidays for the next five years. For us to have had all that we've learned ... this has given something that's worth a lifetime. I would wholeheartedly recommend Total Parenting Transformation with all my heart, because it's given us everything."

- Total Parenting Transformation Student Sarah
This looks like a lot of work. Is it difficult to do?
The best part about this course (aside from the LIFE CHANGING content inside)? It's only FOUR HOURS LONG. That's half a work day - or about one extended tantrum in toddler terms :)

Better yet, the methods are evidence-based and proven to be effective across thousands of families around the world. So you know it'll be time well spent!
Will this work with my specific challenge? It's kind of unique.
Awesome question! It doesn't matter if you're facing debilitating anxiety or horrendous tantrums ... Transform Your Family in 4 Hours is designed to meet your child's core emotional and psychological needs.

This builds connection and trust, and minimises (or outright removes) unwanted / challenging behaviours.

It works with any challenge because it teaches the foundational concepts and strategies that address 99.9% of issues faced by parents (and humans in general!).

Anyone willing to do the work can build connection and parenting satisfaction using Transform Your Family in 4 Hours!
What is your refund policy?
Our training program is backed by 17 years of clinical work with parents, children, and families. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the program, complete the first two weeks of worksheets, and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14 days of joining and we'll refund you in full.