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Sarah - Mom of Two Teenagers
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Sarah's Total Parenting Transformation
I'd say on a tangible front, if you came into our house, you would notice that our daughter... it makes me quite tearful... is spending more time with us. She is downstairs, we're all connected.

I thought that [Total Parenting Transformation] would be more permissive parenting. I would argue at first, with Heidi, "Well, how can I let her do more?" But it's about the trust. So there's more trust. There's more connection. We are seeing our teenagers more. We are knowing that we have a lot more influence, in a much more subtle way.

I was controlling before, thinking I could influence through management and control, and it's an illusion. I think the course has helped us to understand that, and our children, I definitely think, are happier for it. We are, too.

Without revealing too much personal stuff, actually, our world was pretty bad with our kids at the time, especially with one of them. I'd say that our relationship would have been at a 1 out of 10, in terms of connection, and general harmony, and love, to be honest.

The real thing that matters is a feeling of love for one another, and I would say that ... I don't want to say that, "Oh, we're at 10 out of 10 all the time," but we have some good 9-9.5 moments, 10 moments much more, and we are not going down to 1. With teenagers, it's never going to be consistent, but it's more like a sort of 6s to 10s, or 7s to 10s, rather than down in those really worrying numbers.

If I think about the money we spent, and I think about, say, the price of a holiday, would I choose this over a holiday, and what it's given me? I'd choose it over holidays for the next five years, probably. For us to have had all that we've learned, we spend money on crap all the time, but this has given something that's worth a lifetime, to be honest. Again, it makes me quite teary because it has given us the connection with Heidi, and she's a really special, special person in what she understands, but more what she gives you in terms of just a feeling that you are also okay.

So I think that I would, I mean, I would wholeheartedly recommend it with all my heart, because it's given us everything, and especially, I wish that we'd done this earlier down the track. I mean, way earlier down the track. So I don't think it's too late. I don't think it matters if you've got kids who are in their 20s, I think you'd get so much from this. For us, obviously it's still come at a time where we're navigating teenage years, but my goodness, if you can get on board with this and you've got younger children... I wish we had.