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Matt and Aileen - Parents of 13yo
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Matt and Aileen's Total Parenting Transformation
I was talking to someone at work and they recommended that we see Heidi who came highly recommended. So, we contacted Heidi and discovered that she had a workshop going. So, we joined that parenting workshop.

And it made a huge, huge difference. The bottom line was, we changed our behavior. And our daughter changed almost miraculously from someone who, at that time of year, I was probably picking her up from school three days a week, to someone who didn't take another day off for the rest of the year.

So that was some massive changes. The issues have sort of gone from there. She's a child, she's growing, she's developing and now being a 13 year old, she's coming up with all the 13 year old issues, which it can be quite challenging at times, even just getting it to do some work around the house is driving us insane. But with Heidi's help, it's really made a massive difference and I think our relationship is a lot better for what we've learned and implemented.