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Luke and Emily - Parents of Three Primary Schoolers
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Luke and Emily's Total Parenting Transformation
I just remember two weeks into the program, I started drafting this email to Heidi which I got interrupted homeschool/lockdown/great kids. So I didn't end up sending it to her. But I found that in my drafts the other day, and essentially it was, just thanking her so much, because I'd already noticed is such a shift in how we were working or interacting. The calmness in the house was just much greater.

And I just felt as though, you've been delivered to us in some ways. And so I, really did notice results quickly. I mean, that's not under estimating the work of both, I think you do need to be a, you need to have some belief that you can change and that, some belief in modern parenting methods. One of the good things come out of it for both of us was to put us both on the same page, parenting wise, because we were coming out from different views, both of which were correct in our own minds, and never meeting in the middle.

And it's a very personal thing, parenting, it's a very, because we've now learnt and there's reasons for that that blueprint is set. It's very difficult when you've got those really deep seated, intuitive, methodologies or whatever you want to call them around parenting that we think is the right way. Because, you really respect your parents. And that's how they did it. So it must be right.

It turns out they were amateurs as well. Turns out, no one really knows what they're doing. And it all makes a lot of sense having gone through even just the first few modules of the program, I think we both had quite a few aha moments pretty early on. And I think that's why Heidi is probably so successful. She's not boring to listen to. She relates to parents, who are very similar in age to herself. She's got young kids, she's living it, she's not living it perfectly, she's quick to admit that and that connection builds very, very rapidly and you can trust in the person I guess that she's having the same experience as she knows how to do it, but isn't always getting it right. Because you're not always going to get right and, as described throughout the course, it's kind of a lifelong effort to move in that direction and and hone your skills and the skills as you go, and don't beat yourself up. If you don't get it right on percent of the time. You're doing better already. Just having enrolled than you were before.

It's just not worth the investment. That's why it's so worth doing. The course is also worth refreshing if I'm going to refresh it every year. Right through till they're 18.