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Eve - Mom of a 6yo and 18mo

Ready To Build Connection, End Power Struggles,
And Manage Intense Emotions?
Eve's Total Parenting Transformation
It's not just getting a whole bunch of general theory and information, but you really feel like you're supported in your unique situation. You feel like you're part of a community. You feel like you're kind of part of something bigger. And, that's really nice because I really like the idea of a parent when you raise children in a village, you know, that's a thing that people often talk about, your village as a parent. And, I think in the modern world, sometimes it's hard to feel like you have a village, but when you kind of come across something like this with people who are all very like-minded, it feels really nice and supportive.

I really highly recommend jumping in because I think if you really want to make some changes to the dynamic that's going on, if you feel like you want to be more connected as a family, you want to be parenting in a more sort of, I suppose, the aware way you actually driving it, then it's so worth doing.

I feel like doing this course has actually, I know people use this term a lot, like life-changing, but I feel like it's actually really changed my life. And I feel like that flow-on effect means that it's also changed my partner's life and my kids' lives because one thing that I didn't expect out of this course was that it's changed me as a person. So I feel like I've grown and I've been addressing a lot of stuff about me, and so I didn't think that would happen. I thought this is just going to teach me about, you know, being a good parent, but It's helped me deal with a lot of my own stuff. And, that was not an expected outcome.

Probably the biggest shift has been in being more connected as a family unit. And, I know I went into this thinking, this is about me as a parent and connecting with my child, and definitely, that has improved hugely, but I didn't anticipate that it would also flow on to how connected I was feeling with my partner, how we were going to then bring in this new baby into our family unit. Like the connection, the thing wasn't just one-directional way. It was kind of all the elements of the family, like once you start connecting with one person, you kind of start connecting with everyone.

So, feeling more connected has definitely been, I think, the most noticeable change.