Online Parenting Classes & Courses
Online Parenting Classes and Courses
With Clinical Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers
Work with Heidi to learn how to navigate parenting (and actually enjoy the journey!) while meeting the psychological and emotional needs of your children. 

Heidi's suite of online parenting classes and courses cater for all ages and situations - whether you're ready for a total parenting transformation, want to learn the fundamentals of respectful parenting from a psychological perspective, or just want weekly advice on specific questions.

These evidence-based parenting classes and courses have helped hundreds of families around the world overcome challenges and meet their specific parenting goals.

Heidi's parenting courses are for you if:
  • You worry you're 'failing' your children or 'messing them up' by the way you're parenting
  • You feel like you have to YELL  just to get them to listen
  • You're exhausted by constant meltdowns and sibling fights
  • You have a sensitive or challenging child and need some surefire strategies to help them through
  • You're frustrated your partner has a different parenting style and won't compromise
  • You feel guilty because deep down ... you actually don't enjoy parenting and want to escape your kids
  • You're afraid you're 'not doing it right'
  • You're looking for proven strategies you can follow step-by-step to create the parenting experience you always wanted (without years of trial and error)?
Total Parenting Transformation
Build connection, manage unwanted behavior and actually enjoy parenting with a proven, step-by-step guide to decodcing your child's meltdowns and meeting their deepest needs.
  • Feel confident and equipped to handle whatever parenting throws at you in just 9 weeks!
  • Tweak your parenting approach with a full year of
    bi-weekly, live Q&A calls with Heidi
  • Join an exclusive Facebook community of other parents facing similar challenges. We're in this together!
  • Study at your own pace - access to the courses 24hrs video content and 40+ worksheets never expires
  • Suitable for parents with children of ALL ages
Transform Your Family In 4 Hours
Your fast-track blueprint to managing meltdowns, improving behavior and yelling less. This will be the most valuable 4 hours you'll invest in your family this year!
  • Powerful and effective tools you can immediately apply for lifelong, positive change in your family
  • Understand and integrate my foundational teachings in just 4 hours!
  • Game-changing scripts, parenting audit and journal prompts to help you personalise your learning
  • Begin effectively managing all of your child's challenging behaviors right away!
  • Suitable for parents with children of ALL ages
Family Growth Pass
Family Growth Pass membership is the simplest roadmap for parents who want to improve connection, end power struggles, and manage intense emotions.
  • Parenting expert literally in your pocket - dowjnload our mobile app and take Heidi anywhere you are!
  • Access to searchable library of call recordings
  • Discover the autopilot script you've been running with your children that's been driving every parenting decision you make.
  • Understand the importance of building emotional literacy in our kids (and OURSELVES) to create a family you LOVE spending time with.
  • Recognize the central role that connection plays in all aspects of your family life, and find ways to prioritize it above all else.
  • Gain clarity around your child's greatest needs so you don't waste a minute on things that DON'T MATTER or DON'T WORK!