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How The Pandemic Is Affecting The Next Gen
Explore the consequences of growing up in a pandemic... and how to minimize the long term impacts.
WEBINAR  |  $27.00 AUD
Tame Your Temper And Be A Calmer Parent
Further equip your 'parenting toolkit' and build your understanding of how to manage manage anger & stress.
Your Roadmap To Surviving Snap Lockdowns
Practical advice and strategies to empower you and your family during times of exhaustion and overwhelm.
WEBINAR  |  $27.00 AUD
Why Our Kids Are So Triggering ... And What To Do About It
Identify the origin of your triggers and learn how you can respond rather than react to them.
Start enjoying family time
Transform your child's behavior and start enjoying family time
with my proven, no-yelling blueprint for a calmer home.
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