Your Roadmap To Surviving Snap Lockdowns
Get the answers to your big questions around snap lockdowns, with practical advice and strategies to empower you and your family at a time where many of us are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.
Here's What You'll Learn...
Meeting Your Family's Needs
Discover what your family needs most right now, and how you can help them through.
Meeting YOUR Needs
Find out what you can be doing to support your own mental health during COVID lockdown.
The do's and don'ts of effective homeschooling (they're probably not what you think!).
Word-For-Word Scripts
Tried and tested scripts to soothe anxiety and meet your child's emotional needs.
Focus On Play
Why play is so important right now, and ideas for incorporating more of it into your day.
Managing Overwhelm
How to handle the moments where it 'all feels too much'.
Reserve Your Seat Now
FREE Webinar Event - 8pm Thursday 30 September
Reserve Your Seat Now
FREE Webinar Event - 8pm Thursday 30 September
About Heidi Rogers
Heidi is a psychotherapist and  counsellor with 18 years experience in mental health counselling and trauma therapy.
Heidi has worked in both the US and Australia and has extensive experience delivering therapeutic services to children and families.
She works in private practice in Melbourne and tours with her tailored talks specializing in children's issues, and their solutions.
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Clinical Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers
Clinical Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers
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