Returning To School: Your Parenting Playbook
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Tune in and learn ways to help your family handle any anxiety associated with returning to school - or going for the first time - and develop a plan to best manage the new school year.

We'll answer some of the most pressing questions parents are facing around:

  • How to prepare for returning to class, including strategies to soothe your child's anxiety.
  • Ways to nail the first week with your Parenting Playbook gameplan (included download) - from introducing routines, to navigating difficult drop-offs.
  • How to build connection and resilience in your home that will carry into the schoolyard and beyond.
  • Fostering a growth mindset in your children.
  • Defusing tense situations and supporting your child with practical word-for-word scripts


Heidi Rogers

Heidi is a psychotherapist and counsellor with 17 years experience in mental health counselling and trauma therapy. She has worked in both the US and Australia, with extensive experience delivering therapeutic services to children and families.

Heidi works in private practice, and tours with her tailored talks specialising in children's issues (and their solutions).

Heidi has brought all of her 'talks' into the online realm, helping parents all over the world manage meltdowns, improve behavior, and yell less with her 9 week program Total Parenting Transformation.