Snap Lockdown Video Series
Snap Lockdown Video Series
With Clinical Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers
Video 1:
Exhaustion & Self Care
If you're feeling exhausted, have low motivation or you've lost interest in things you usually enjoy, you're not alone.
Here's why these things are happening to many of us during COVID lockdown, and what we can do to de-stress and re-energise.
Video 2:
Anxiety Management Basics
Why is lockdown so taxing?
Much of it comes down to the way our bodies react to anxiety. And there's PLENTY to feel anxious about right now.
This video dives into strategies for understanding, managing and soothing your anxiety for a less stressful lockdown.
Video 3:
Anger And Helplessness
Anger... it's one of the dominant themes I've seen in the clinic during the age of COVID.
But why are we feeling so angry right now?
Join me to delve under the surface of our anger and discover its antidote.
Video 4:
Resistance And Acceptance
Our response to any situation determines the level of suffering (or joy) it brings forth.
Acceptance can be our friend when we're struggling with the big feelings that come with rolling lockdowns.
Here's why it pays to be flexible in times like these.
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90 minute webinar
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Join Clinical Psychotherapist and trauma specialist Heidi Rogers as she explores anger and stress in the COVID era.
Discover what to do when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by COVID, lockdowns, homeschooling, working from home or just the relentlessness of 24/7 parenting.
Heidi's clinical experience working with adults and children provides a unique perspective that covers the needs of all family members, helping you create a calm and connected home environment (with less yelling!).
Video 5:
Strategies To Calm Down
When uncertainty combines with discomfort and a lack of control (i.e. what happens in a pandemic), the result is often a LOT of anxiety and an unregulated nervous system.
Here's what you need to be mindful of during lockdown, and some strategies to help calm the children in your life (and yourself) at any time.
Video 6:
Why You're Lacking Motivation
If you're feeling unmotivated, 'flat', or just not your 'best self' right now, you're not alone.
In this video, we explore what's happening in our brain to make us feel this way, how we can work with our biology instead of against it, and why trying to be a superhero parent, guardian or educator won't work long-term.
Video 7:
What you can say to support children
As parents, we often rush into 'fix-it' mode when our children come to us with their problems.
Here's what we need to be doing instead, why it's important to shift our mindset on our urge to 'fix' things, and HOW to meet their greatest needs during the pandemic (and beyond).
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