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5 Seconds of Brave
Use this simple breathing exercise as a reminder that the pain of saying goodbye is usually short-lived.
It's Ok To Cry
How to talk about differing values your children will face when out in the world.
Boundaries, Kids & Connection - Can It Work?
We walk the fine line of setting our boundaries... while also communicating that our children are enough and lovable.
Controlling Your Parenting Triggers
Unresolved 'stuff' from the past can trigger us to respond to our children in predictable ways.

So how do we avoid putting our past emotional wounding onto our children?
Fat Shaming: Let's Talk Body Positivity
What do you do when you catch your kid using the dreaded 'F' word?

I was recently confronted with this exact scenario when my four-year-old called someone fat, and it took a lot of self-awareness and reflection for me to navigate.
Can Pain Be A Positive Force?
Here's why we should support our children when they face pain and discomfort, rather than shielding them.
The Elf On The Shelf
Magical Fun Or Source Of Anxiety?

Some parents love the magic and fun he brings... for others, it's the bane of their existence. We break down The Elf On The Shelf from a psychological perspective
Anchor Points
Here's a neat little trick you might want to try out the next time your child has to confront an anxiety-provoking situation they can't avoid (think school camp, swimming lessons, going to a birthday party - anything your child gets anxious about).
Is Strict Parenting And 'Control' An Effective Approach?
All we have with our children, particularly as they get older, is influence. Here's how to build it while avoiding strict parenting.
How To Get Compliance In Kids And Help Them Tolerate 'No'
Nobody likes being told 'no', but it's especially difficult for our children. Here's how parents can get compliance in kids respectfully.
Why Supportive Parenting Works
The most stinging criticism we receive often comes from our parents. And it's the same with our own kids. Let's stop the cycle.
How To Handle Meltdowns After School
School pick-up can be bittersweet. You get to see your child after being apart for the day - usually a nice thing!

BUT they often trudge through the gate resembling nothing like the angel you left in the morning, and more like a rage-fuelled anger truck. Here are some things you can do. 

If Your Mind Is Like A Board Meeting ... Who Has The Mic?
In the boardroom of our mind, different 'parts' of ourselves are seated around the table.

Often there's an obnoxious board member who hijacks the meetings. When that happens, we move to abandon and reject them. We lock them outside and leave them to bang and scream away from the other side of the door. How do we treat them as part of the 'team'?

3 Minute Parenting Playbook: When Friendships Have Changed
The disruption to our children's routine and daily socializing can stir up some feelings of friendship anxiety in children who have just spent the past several months at home. They're only beginning to re-adjust to their old friendship circles and routine, so you may notice them worrying about issues with their friends, or general insecurities coming up more frequently.
Q&A Call Snippet - Because You're The Oldest!
When we expect our children to be 'setting an example' for their siblings, we're shaming them by insinuating they should be doing better. Here's what to do instead.
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: Animal Worry Chart
Have you ever wondered what was causing the bulk of your child's worries? Find out with the Animal Worry Chart.
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: The Buckets
Meet your child's greatest needs by actively 'filling their buckets' every day. By doing this, you'll improve their resilience, confidence and self-esteem - and create a happier home environment!
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: Return To School Anxiety
By giving your children choice, consistency and structure around their return-to-school plan, you're empowering them and providing what they need to feel ´╗┐safe.
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: Sibling Rivalry
As parents, we often get hooked into 'referee mode' when our kids are fighting. This is a lot of work, it's draining, and it shows an imbalance of love for them. Here's what to do instead.
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: Anxiety
The problem when it comes to anxiety is that most kids are missing a script - they don't know what to say to their anxiety when it shows up. So we need to teach them how to understand and manage it.

3 Minute Parenting Playbook: Family Meetings
This is the family meeting agenda I use with my kids at home, and I teach to a lot of my clients. It improves the general harmony in the home, and helps teach kids they are 'enough' and 'loveable'.
3 Minute Parenting Playbook: M.O.V.E.S.
Take these 5 simple steps to connect with your child and validate how they're feeling (rather than rushing to try and 'fix it').
M.O.V.E.S. - Heidi Rogers Parenting