Taming Anxiety And Raising Confident Kids
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  • Immediate Access To Taming Anxiety And Raising Confident Kids video course - THE blueprint for managing your child's anxiety with confidence. Learn the causes of anxiety and begin applying Heidi's proven strategies to tame it
  • Watch Videos In Sequence Or Dip Into Any Topic, Any Time
  • BONUS COURSE - Learn how to avoid mistakes of the past with Becoming The Parent You Needed
  • BONUS COURSE - Understand why your children act the way they do, and how to best work with them in Uncovering The Mysteries Of Child Behavior
  • Instant Access to Resources Library of journal templates, worksheets, cheat sheets, and links to integrate your learning and confidently manage anxiety in your children
  • Lifetime access to all course videos and material
What it's like working with Heidi ...
"I have only been doing the course for a short time but already I've found I have a better relationship with each of my children. And I can spot WHY they are behaving a certain way. It's like I can sometimes see inside their heads which allows me to understand a lot more where they're coming from or what they're thinking. Words can't thank you enough for improving my marriage and allowing me to actually SEE my kids and enjoy them 🙏"

- Sally
"I no longer second guess my parenting approach. I feel so much more confident and I am enjoying parenting so much more. My child is more warm and connected with me and it has deepened our relationship. Thank you!" 

- Eve

"It's been so great for us, especially my hubby and I ... we actually love each other again and our family unit is so beyond strong ... we are still working on being the best parents we can be but actually trying to work together as a team with a kind heart and my mantra which I hear in your voice Heidi is ... does it build connection? THANKS so much and hopefully see you soon to hear some more gold dust!"

- Kelley
"Being a mum of two herself, Heidi just gets it. She helped improve not only my relationship with the kids, but even moreso, my husband's. We now have a much better connection because I shame less and work on building the kids' confidence. I now also listen to myself more and have more self-compassion!"

- Laura

"Heidi had me engaged from the first minute of her introduction. She had a passion and confidence about the topic that was palpable. You can see how genuinely she cares about her clients and the power of intervention we have as parents to build a better future for our kids and grandkids. Building connections over punishment, consequences, or shame is something I plan to commit to every day. Thanks Heidi - absolutely priceless!"

- Lucy
"Heidi has been a godsend to me! I have a better connection with my kids and my eldest's anxiety levels have really reduced. I also feel more confident as a parent after completing the it... it was amazing."

- Emily
"A very eye-opening conversation that instantly resonated with me and made a profound impact on my thinking. I truly now understand that at it's core, it's about meeting my kids on their level. Thank you."

- Nick
"Clear and concise, heartfelt advice. Loved the simple guidelines and tools that seem to be applicable for all circumstances. Loved the positive approach."

- Katie