Our Children Are Our Greatest Teachers
Our Kids Hold The Mirror That Reveals Our Own 'Stuff'
This is exactly why our children are our greatest teachers, you've heard me say that 1000 times. Because they are here to heal all of our wounds from our unmet needs from our childhood.

That's not the brief. That's not what we got them for. That's not what we signed up for when we had them. But that's what ends up happening. Because they're little mirrors. They hold up to us, all of those wounds, all of those hurts, all of those unmet needs from our own childhood.

That's why the trigger you, because they are holding up a mirror and showing you parts of yourself that you have very creatively and craftily thrown out into the forest. And your kids go out and find them. Bring them up to you and go "Look Mommy, look, Daddy, look what I found outside in the trash. I found sensitive you; feelings, emotions, big feelings."

The child that you have is no accident. The child that you were given is no accident. You guys picked each other. And there is a healing and a teaching that only your child can give you and you guys know this because if you've been a parent for longer than a week, you know that -- Whoa -- This little being is teaching me more about myself than anything I've ever done before or any other relationship I've ever had.


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