Build connection, manage unwanted behavior and actually enjoy
family-time with a proven, step-by-step guide to decoding your child's
meltdowns and meeting their deepest needs
"It's like having a parenting expert on speed dial"
Total Parenting Transformation is a 9-week online program that teaches you how to meet the psychological and emotional needs of your children with an evidence-based, step-by-step approach.

Designed for parents with children of ALL ages, the self-paced course is delivered by clinical psychotherapist Heidi Rogers, offering a holistic guide to to help you raise a happy, kind family.

In her unique model, Heidi becomes the parenting expert in your pocket as she personally guides you towards your goals, and shows you how NOT to 'screw up' your kids.

As a Total Parenting Transformation student, you'll have access to Heidi's 17 years of psychotherapy expertise across 9 weeks of live, bi-weekly support calls to answer your specific questions, and keep you on-track as you learn how to *implement* your new tools.

This is the last and ONLY parenting program you'll need when it comes to building loving connections with children of all ages, managing unwanted behavior, and creating a happy home.
Are You Ready For a Total Parenting Transformation?
Heidi Rogers
  • Worried you're 'failing' your children or 'messing them up' by the way you parent?
  • Feel like you have to YELL just to get them to listen?
  • Exhausted by constant meltdowns & sibling fights?
  • Have a sensitive or challenging child and need some surefire strategies to help them through?
  • Frustrated that your partner has a different parenting style and won't compromise?
  • Feeling guilty because deep down ... you actually don't enjoy parenting and want to escape your kids?
  • Afraid you're not 'doing it right'?
  • Looking for proven strategies you can follow step-by-step to create the parenting experience you've always wanted (without years of trial & error)?
Here's How It Works
To build your confidence, create a happy family & enjoy parenthood, band-aid approaches aren't enough.

You need an immersive environment.

Total Parenting Transformation uses a proven process that enables a parenting philosophy shift within a supportive community, under expert mentorship.
Proven Process
I've turned the guesswork of parenting into a science. Follow practical, step-by-step instructions that are evidence-based and proven to work with parents around the world.
Parenting Community
It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of like-minded parents, get help, celebrate wins and commiserate losses, make new friends and have fun along the way.
Shift Your Philosophy
Learn how to regulate your own emotions, get clear on what your children are really trying to communicate with their behavior, and discover the benefits of a relationship based on connection instead of power and control.
Expert Mentorship
No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get access to me regularly in our Facebook group, and twice a week in live Q&As so we can make tweaks to your parenting in real-time.
Watch: Total Parenting Transformation Program Walkthrough
Ever Second-Guess The Way You Parent ...?
Hey! I'm Heidi Rogers, a clinical psychotherapist from Los Angeles.

Like a lot of moms, my transition to parenthood was rewarding, but challenging ... and often confronting. I thought I knew what I needed to be 'a good mom', but I wasn't quite sure of myself - and it was HARD.

Should I use time-outs? How much autonomy is ok to give them? Will they become lazy in adulthood if I'm too easy on them now? How should I navigate different parenting philosophies with my partner? How do I handle ... EVERYTHING?

Throw in work, life and finding time to mumble more than three words to my partner before collapsing exhausted into bed, and it was ... not quite what I expected.

To be completely honest, I felt confused. I was modelling my parenting on how I was parented.

I knew how emotional meltdowns were handled in my own childhood home, I knew what the books said, and I knew what WAS (and wasn't) working when it came to my own kids... but I felt lost trying to discern which one was 'right'.

Was I being too strict or too permissive? Was I screwing them up? Why do I yell? How do I stop?

I started reading all the progressive parenting books I could get my hands on, digging into decades of research and evidence-based methods, AND started paying more attention to my clients' stories (both adults and children).

The result? 

Prevention is KEY when it comes to mental health, and parenting plays an outsized role in determining the lifetime wellbeing of our children.

I figured that if I could take ALLLL the things I'd learned from my formal education, my career, my clients' experiences, and my own... I could mould that awesome knowledge into an online program and share it with the world. If I could do this, I knew I'd be able to help thousands of parents shift the relationship with their kids BEFORE it was too late.
Have your ever second-guessed the way you parent?
The hardest thing millions of us find is the near impossibility of deleting the old-school templates that inform our parenting philosophies. The ones that run on auto-pilot - just below our awareness.

It DOESN'T have to be that way forever.

I created Total Parenting Transformation to give you the blueprint for your parenting journey so you won't have to keep second-guessing the choices you make.

When you have a proven, step-by-step guide to build a loving, connected family, you can stop worrying that you're 'screwing them up', blowing your top because 'they just won't listen', or resigning yourself to an endless tug-of-war with your partner when it comes to parenting styles.

You CAN replace your old parenting tapes with versions that reflect your current values and beliefs (it's ok to stop playing the ones you were handed!).

You CAN focus on connection and empathy to raise happy children and create a loving home.

You CAN learn the skills needed to make all of this possible.

Total Parenting Transformation gives you the keys to navigate the sticky - and sometimes confronting - realities of raising kind, emotionally intelligent kids you enjoy spending time with. Some of it is even taught in the form of step-by-step scripts. All you need to do is show up with an open mind.

In less than five minutes, you can access the greatest tools and strategies that have brought the most success to the thousands of  parents and families I've worked with in my career!

I'll share with you the exact tools that I use in private practice, the science behind why they work, and worksheets to help integrate your learning.

It's all there in the course...

Ready to join me?
What's inside?
Week 1 - A New Way Of Parenting
Kick-start your Total Parenting Transformation with the foundational concepts we'll be applying throughout the course.

This week, we prepare for a mindset shift by unpacking specific modules on:

* The Old Way of Parenting v The New Way of Parenting
* How We Change Behavior
* How Kids Learn
* The Buckets (AKA: Your Child's Two Greatest Fears)
* How You Were Parented
* Shame and Vulnerability
Week 2 - How We're Wired
This game-changing week unpacks how the brain works - and why - to provide an insight into your child's behavior that will explain A LOT. 

* Temperament Traits - How far do genetics explain our mental health and psychological traits? And what does this mean for us parents when we communicate with our children?
* Polyvagal Theory - How your child's automatic nervous system response impacts their ability to learn, and how you can create a safe environment for learning.
* M.O.V.E.S. - The only acronym you'll need in the world of connection! The M.O.V.E.S technique is a simple, step-by-step script, and it's my go-to when trying to communicate with others - whether that's your children, partner, family, friends, or an even irate client!
Week 3 - Understanding Our Emotions
Dive deep into emotional literacy, how it's developed and why it's so important for parents to regulate (as well as our children!).

* Emotional Maps - What does the map your parents gave you look like? Does it match the one you'd choose to work with today? Review and develop your emotional map this week.
* Emotional Regulation in Adults - "I hate it when I yell, but I don't know what else to do!" ... Learn why it can be so hard to regulate your emotions, and how to retrain your brain to stay calm and yell less.
* Emotional Regulation in Kids - Little people ... big feelings. Make sense of the emotional storms your children encounter AND get the practical tools and scripts to navigate their meltdowns.
Week 4 - Anger
Why does your child have massive meltdowns, or rage around their room like a volatile volcano? Dive in to learn all about anger and how to help them calm the fire within. BONUS - get an insight into your OWN anger and how to manage it effectively.

* Introduction to Anger - Build a solid understanding of anger's origin, how to treat it, and practical strategies you can immediately implement with your family.
* Anger and Its Two BFFs - Which emotions does anger like to hang out with? Learn what they are and help your kids spot the anger warning signs before they spiral out of control.
* Effectively Managing Anger - Uncover a series of practical methods to manage and understand your child's anger.
Week 5 - Connection
Your ability to connect with your children - or not - is at the heart of the parent-child relationship.

* Connection 101 - Learn what connection really means, and why it's so vital in the relationship with our children.
* Practical Strategies To Build Connection - Arm yourself with the tools, techniques and word-for-word scripts used to build connection by thousands of parents around the world.
* Connection - Advanced. Get your connection-building PhD right here!
Teens & Tech - Unpack my favourite, proven strategies to connect with teens and explore what it is they feel their parents are doing right.
Becoming a Language Translator - Understand the languages everyone is speaking in your home. This can be a profound experience as you begin to see everyone is communicating in their own unique way.
Week 6 - Discipline Without Damaging Self-Esteem
This week, we'll unpack the helpless feelings that often crop up when you can't control your child, and understand why we tend to gravitate towards wanting to control those situations.

* The research on strict parenting 
- Review the long-term research around strict parenting, and the effects it can have throughout a child's lifetime.
* Conflict Management - Conflict management ... the ground-zero for most discipline efforts. How do you manage conflict with your children?
* Setting limits - Discover the three key considerations to take into account BEFORE setting limits with your children.
Self-esteem - Why do some people have high - and others have low - self-esteem? This video explores how to build your child's self-esteem for life.
Confidence - Learn how confidence is built and maintained in your children.
Week 7 - Bringing The Team Together
Creating a tight family unit with a unified purpose can be a game-changer for building connection, self-esteem and resilience. Here's how ...

* Values - Learn why family values are at the core of any family system, review your own personal values, and create ones to apply with your kids! 
* Family Contributions - We look at reframing 'chores' and what they can teach children about confidence and self-esteem by being a team player.
* Maintaining Routines - Routines are key to providing a sense of safety and security for children. We'll look at how to create them - and to get buy-in.
Family Meetings - Discover how families and parenting gurus use this tool to create a family culture of collaboration and connection.
Week 8 - Sibling Rivalry
This powerful week will help you navigate conflict, identify the kind of person you're hoping your children become, and learn how to build sibling relationships so they become friends for life.

* How to Regulate, Connect, & Coach Siblings in Conflict
* Emotion Coaching Our Children
* What to Say When Siblings are Fighting
* Emotional Intelligence and Negotiation Skills
* Reducing Insecurity and Competitiveness
* Nurture Bonding and Prevent Future Rivalry

Week 9 - Managing Anxiety
This key week helps you build the skills you need to understand and manage your own anxiety, while empowering your children to understand and manage theirs.

We look at the different types of anxiety, how they can impact your life, and how to tackle them:

* PAST - Where does anxiety come from? Learn how our upbringing impacts the way we manage our own anxiety.
* PRESENT - Why do we have anxiety, what does it look like, and what's the relationship between genetics and anxiety?
* FUTURE - What can I do about it? Empower yourself with practical tools and strategies to help your child manage their anxiety. 
BONUS Week - Body Safety And Protective Behaviors
Equip your kids the with information they need to keep their bodies safe. This week will help you teach them protective, preventative behaviors.

* What are the types of abuse?
* Who are the people I should be looking out for?
* What are the signs of abuse?
* What is normal/concerning sexual behavior?
* Why don't kids disclose sexual abuse?
* My child disclosed abuse. What should I do? Not do?
* How do I teach my child how to stay safe?

* This bonus week is immediately available to all students who pay in full
What Our Students Are Saying ... 
What You Get
  • Instant access to Heidi's Signature Parenting Course...
    Login & immediately access all 24hrs of Total Parenting Transformation to help you understand and conquer your parenting challenges, one step at a time. Study from start-to-finish OR choose your topics and dive on in! Value: $2,950 USD
  • Instant access to Heidi's Signature Parenting Course...
    Login & immediately access all 24hrs of Total Parenting Transformation to help you understand and conquer your parenting challenges, one step at a time. Study from start-to-finish OR choose your topics and dive on in! Value: $2,950 USD
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Calls With Heidi for one YEAR...
    Jump on the bi-weekly, LIVE Q&A calls with Heidi to ask her your questions & get the answers you need, fast. You'll also learn A LOT from the challenges other parents are facing. Listen to a sample HERE. Value: $2860 USD
  • 100+ Q&A video call recordings (and growing) where Heidi answers questions directly from parents. Value: $2335 USD
  • 40+ worksheets, slides and 'done-for-you' cheat sheets...
    Take the hard work out of your parenting transformation with downloadable PDFs to help you apply and integrate your learnings, based on your family's unique needs. Download a sample (the Temperament Chart) HERE. Value: $440 USD
  • 1-year access to all of Heidi's paid webinars... As a Total Parenting Transformation student, you'll have access to all of Heidi's paid webinars free for 12 months after you join. Value: $297 USD +
  • Access to Facebook community of likeminded parents...
    You'll be supported every step of the way by not only Heidi, but other Total Parenting Transformation students. Learn from their wins and challenges, and apply their learnings to your own situation. Value: $197 USD
  • Access To Our iOS and Android apps...
    Take the course with you, wherever you go. Watch the videos or listen like a podcast, even when your phone is locked!
  • TOTAL VALUE: $9,079 USD
Total Parenting Transformation
$1997 USD
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Immediate access to entire Total Parenting Transformation course
1 YEAR of live Q&A Calls where you can ask your questions directly to Heidi
1 YEAR access pass to all of Heidi's live webinars (plus replays)
Immediate access to more than 100 recorded, searchable Q&A call recordings
Immediate access to Facebook community
Our training program is backed by 18 years of clinical work with parents and children, and hundreds of happy families. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the program, complete the first two weeks of worksheets, and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14 days of joining and we'll refund you in full.
I'm really strapped for time - can I still take the course and get results?
Yes! You have lifetime access to the course videos & worksheets, so there's no rush. You can study at your own pace!

"Just think about the amount of time you spend watching Netflix! I'm a single mom, I've got twins, I'm homeshooling AND I'm working full-time. If I can find the time, so can you."

- Total Parenting Transformation Student Kimberley

Is this the same as therapy?
Total Parenting Transformation is provided for informational purposes and is designed to help families build stronger connection and increase their parenting confidence, strategies and tactics. It is not therapy and shouldn't be used as a replacement for therapy.

For more information, see the Total Parenting Transformation terms.
How is the course delivered? Wouldn't it be better to work with you 1-on-1?
I get this question a lot, and recently decided to make a video reply for a parent who asked. Here is a link to the video response I made her! :)

Is the program more expensive than working 1-on-1?
For the cost of less than two cups of coffee per day, you'll have me (literally) in your back pocket to help guide you through any parenting questions as they arise during the program. By way of comparison, seeing me once a week for a single hour in the clinic comes in at almost $10,000 annually (if I was still taking on clients). And even then, you'd have to wait to ask any questions that pop up between sessions. That doesn't happen when you have a Facebook group and bi-weekly calls. It's a no-brainer!

"Even just doing the first few weeks has been enough value for us. If I think about the money we spend, and I think about the price of a holiday - would I choose this over a holiday? I'd choose it over holidays for the next five years. For us to have had all that we've learned ... this has given something that's worth a lifetime. I would wholeheartedly recommend Total Parenting Transformation with all my heart, because it's given us everything." 

- Total Parenting Transformation Student Sarah

This looks like a lot of work. Is it difficult to do?
There's nothing more essential to the happiness of your family, your life and the relationship with your children than the ability to meet their psychological and emotional needs. If it was easy, everyone would have picture-perfect families and therapists would be out of a job.

It's going to take some work on your part. But you'll be following Heidi's foolproof plan and have her with you every step of the way.

Anyone willing to do the work can build a connected and happy family using Total Parenting Transformation!

Will this work with my specific challenge? It's kind of unique.
Awesome question! It doesn't matter if you're facing debilitating anxiety or horrendous tantrums ... Total Parenting Transformation is designed to meet your child's core emotional and psychological needs.

This builds connection and trust, and minimises (or outright removes) unwanted / challenging behaviours.

It works with any challenge because it teaches the foundational concepts and strategies that address 99.9% of issues faced by parents (and humans in general!).

Anyone willing to do the work can build connection and parenting satisfaction using Total Parenting Transformation!

"I asked 'are there many parents with teenagers on the Q&A calls'? because I thought it was really important that it was just about teenagers. When Heidi said, 'It will be just as relevant to you if we're talking about a 5-year-old or a teenager' ... I wasn't quite believing that. But actually it's true! You can listen to a Q&A call about a bedtime for a 5-year-old and actually get as much out of it as you would if they were talking about a teenager. I've actually learned they've got quite a lot in common!"

- Total Parenting Transformation Student Sarah
What is your refund policy?
Our training program is backed by 18 years of clinical work with parents, children, and families. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the program, complete the first two weeks of worksheets, and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 14 days of joining and we'll refund you in full.
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